How stress in work can lead to stress generally

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Are you affected by stress to do with work or in life generally? If work related, do you find yourself working long hours? Perhaps you feel stressed by too many deadlines? If any of these applies to you Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy may be able to help you feel calmer, brighter, and happier about life.

One of the most common reasons  people seek help from a Clinical Solution-Focused Practitioner is in relation to areas of life connected to stress and, in particular, stress at work. Workplace stress can manifest itself in a variety of different ways – not just in the office but also at home and socially.

Parts of our brains are very adept at dealing with the perception of threats and our negative reactions to stress are an evolutionary coping mechanism, which might not be helpful in our day-to-day lives. People who struggle with stress in the office may find they have anger issues or that they struggle with sleep – perhaps becoming insular in their thinking.

Every negative thought a person experiences goes into, what a Clinical Solution-Focused Practitioner calls our ‘stress bucket’. As the levels increase, the person can struggle to cope.

Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help empty the stress bucket by encouraging a focus towards positive solutions, which can help to propel the client towards a brighter future. To help and support this a key part of Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is the safe use of a trance state, which is a natural phenomenon, as you go into trance many times a day naturally, and it is a way to aid in the reduction of stress so that, after a number of therapy sessions, the client can start to feel better placed to cope with life.
By emptying this stress bucket, we allow the brain a greater degree for flexibility in being able to think positively, act positively, and interact in a productive fashion. Some clients have also found that it helps to improve their thinking ability, productivity, and confidence – in many areas of their lives.

Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help to take control over other aspects of our lives, ranging from stopping smoking through to reducing phobias and weight management.

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