Do you suffer with a fear of flying?

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How Clinical Hypnotherapy could help you.

As many people turn their minds towards the summer and booking their holidays abroad, for many this can cause anxiety. A fear of flying or suffering with claustrophobia and the thought of being closed inside an aeroplane can either stop people booking their dream holiday abroad or create a little or a lot of anxiety at just the thought of getting onto a plane. For some people, then, the idea of flying can make them uncomfortable.

A free initial consultation is available in order to explain why we can sometimes feel fearful about specific situations, such as flying, before explaining how the process of clinical hypnotherapy can help the client overcome their difficulties. Practitioners usually work with a client over a period of four sessions to help and support them achieve a calm, confident and relaxed approach to flying and the idea of flying.

“I have found that people often come to me feeling nervous about the idea of flying but, following the sessions, can go off on holiday and find that they can actually relax and enjoy the experience of being on a plane!” As one client put it ‘I had a fantastic flight. I enjoyed every moment – no fear at all. I can only thank you so much for the help I needed; travel has no fears for me now.’

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy can help in many other areas of life, from improving confidence to reducing stress, aiding sleep and weight management through to helping someone stop smoking. It is possible to achieve a crucial change in thinking that can make a real difference when it comes down to improving aspects of your life.


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