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Sometimes we can find that we have to be ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ (Albert Einstein) of those old habits, self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs before we take that step to make a change. If you are ready to start making changes then there is no time like the present to start the process.

By using different approaches I can tailor sessions for you so that you can gain insights into your core issue/s, which can then support you in finding ways to cope more effectively with many issues and helping you to manage situations in a more productive and effective way.

Personality profiling as part of the weight management programme can, on a broader base, offer clients an opportunity to consider strengths and weaknesses and help to develop a better balance in life, as well as supporting the tailoring of therapy for specific needs. This offers another opportunity to make those changes you want to make and in understanding more about your personal characteristics and how they affect your health and wellbeing can highlight the skills and abilities you may need to master in order to better support your endeavours.

My Background

Before becoming a Healthcare Professional and qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and Advanced BWRT® Practitioner and BWRT® Master Life Coach and Weight Management Coach my background was as an Educationalist, holding lecturing and management positions in further and higher education.

With a Master’s Degree in Education and Training I mentored and trained staff and students and learned a great deal about the complexity of people and their needs. Many people, I found, struggled with various levels of anxiety, panic, stress, and self-confidence, both on a personal and professional level.

Care and Commitment

I find it motivating to be a part of a solution that can help people make constructive changes because we all, in this complex world, at some time or another, have stressors in our lives or behaviours we would like to change. Some examples of these could include concerns or issues around work, social anxiety, public speaking, relationship stressors, self-confidence, fears, phobias, addictions or smoking, weight management, wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle, to stop binge-eating or drinking too much…

We all have differing needs at different times in our lives and due to the changing environments we find ourselves in. The differing therapies I provide enable me to tailor therapy to your specific needs, because you are unique. All therapy is shaped to achieve, as quickly and effectively as possible, the goals and intent of the client and what they want to achieve. Therapy is about offering you, the client, the opportunity to empower yourself by getting control of who or how you want to be – to support you in recognising your own value and worth.

Objectives of Initial Consultation and Therapy Sessions

Having that initial consultation to discuss what you want and to evaluate how best to support you is a fundamental first step.

Thereafter, sessions are working towards developing the most effective and efficient way forward for you: as you are unique with your own needs, challenges, aims and goals, the sessions can vary in time-scale, depending on the specific issues you wish to address.

Sessions are blended to fit your personality, preference, and requirements. Therapy is reviewed, evaluated and realigned on an on-going basis to continually meet your presenting or changing needs. As such therapy can take one session or in certain cases and for certain issues may take 9-12 sessions, which when you think about that is 9-12 hours of one day of your life but in one-hour blocks over 9-12 weeks instead. The time-scale depends on you because therapy is about empowering you to empower yourself.

By focusing on what you do want rather than what you don’t want can make a fundamental difference to you and the way you want to think, interact and behave, whether socially, in work, or with family and friends: as Einstein said ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them’. Sports Professionals can recognise that mind-set is the difference between winning and losing.

Taking the first step can be the most difficult, however, there is no better time than the present to choose to start making the changes you want to make. An investment in yourself today could be one of the most important and rewarding steps you take to change your tomorrows.

If you are still wondering whether Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy or BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) is the right path for you then please text me on 07999905510 or email me at info@holistichealthpractice.co.uk to make an initial consultation.


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