Obsessive Compulsive Thinking (OCD)

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Do you ever struggle with unwanted and intrusive negative thoughts? Do you sometimes find yourself checking that the front door is locked or ensuring the kettle is definitely switched off for the umpteenth time? Do you find obsessive thinking is getting in the way of leading a positive life?

If the answer is “yes” then you may find Clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy could help to ease your mind away from thinking endless negative thoughts which can lead to, in extreme cases, people struggling to leave their own home.
As our daily lives become increasingly stressful in the modern world so, sometimes, our brains struggle to adapt to the challenges we face. It tries to protect us and in doing this can have us re-checking things again and again, carrying out certain patterns of behaviour time and again, or introducing obsessive thinking into our lives. Negative thoughts then end up in what Clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapists call a ‘stress bucket’.

Clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy aims to empty the stress bucket so allowing the client to have a more relaxed and confident outlook to their life which can, in turn, help them to stop worrying and focus on the positive aspects of life as a whole.

A free initial consultation is offered so that it can be explained how the brain works and how Clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can be beneficial. Each session is designed to focus the mind into a mode of positive thinking prior to entering the trance state which is itself designed to be relaxing and soothing for the individual.

The number of sessions to help people who have feelings for strong negative compulsions can vary and, obviously, as with any medical issue then it is important to remember that your GP is also there to help.


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