Helping to relax with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

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With your constantly busy and hectic 24/7 life-style, it is sometimes easy to forget the importance of simply being able to stop and relax. You may struggle with stress and feel it manifesting itself in a variety of ways – from insomnia through to irritability.

Clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can help you to relax and so reduce the troubling symptoms of stress. By focusing on positive outcomes over the course of a number of sessions we can help someone reduce their stress levels.

Hypnosis is a simple technique allowing the client to enter a state of relaxation and provide them with the opportunity to let go of stress and tension. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses proven brain-based research to achieve excellent results for clients seeking to ease stress or improve their performance in the office, in sport, or in their day-to-day life.

Therapy can be used to help improve sleep, aid in weight management, reduce phobias and fears, and help people to stop smoking.


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