The massager can be used at home and offers a massage tool that can be efficient and effective. The massager is extremely easy to use and is capable of a wide variety of tasks, ranging from relaxation massage through to specific deep work, offering you that perfect choice.

There are three specialised massage heads – a rubberised head for comfort, one for high penetration over large areas and a smaller head for localised massage. There is an ergonomic handle which offers easy to reach all parts of your body and can offer you a massage for a good amount of time without becoming tired.

Ask your practitioner for help and advice on how to make the best use of the massager.

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Please note DrGraeme massagers are not meant as a substitute for good professional care. They are designed to help your professional treat you by making it easier to get practically unlimited professional quality massage in the comfort of your own home.
In summary the massagers are very capable machines, but they are still only a tool. To get professional quality results you will need guidance from a professional. They are the ones who can examine you and diagnose your condition, then work out the best way to manage it. If massage is needed they will advise you where and how often.