Do you suffer with stress and anxiety?

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Is this causing you to comfort eat, be over-weight, smoke. Is it affecting your health in so many ways such as Insomnia, IBS, Confidence, and Health Issues?

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help all of us fulfil the words of Welsh Government’s Minister for Health and Social Services Mark Drakeford who said this year that ‘Each of us has a duty to look after ourselves – we must all become custodians of our own health….

The problem is that many people can find this difficult because we get caught up in a negative way of thinking and this can often lead us to comfort eat and put on weight or smoke when we know how bad it is for our health. With help, however, we can change to a more positive, constructive way of thinking that can help us overcome these habits or addictions.

Clinical Hypnotherapy for many people in helping to change the way they think so that they have been better able to manage the stress and anxieties of living that can lead to overeating or smoking as well as many other addictions and issues.

Eating too much and smoking are things we do out of habit despite them being detrimental to our health and wellbeing and clinical hypnotherapy can be the way forward to help break these habits once and for all.

Using a solution-focused approach gives us the opportunity, and allows us, to think more positively and focus on looking after ourselves and as the Welsh Government’s Minister said become “custodian of our own health”.


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