Changing Your Eating Habits with Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

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As we get closer to those Christmas and New Year parties, you may find yourself looking at your wardrobe and thinking of ways to fit into that party dress or dinner jacket.

Well, if you are looking to shed a few pounds, it may be worth thinking about the benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Using Hypnotherapy could help take back control of specific areas that may be causing concern, which might have resulted in overeating or indulging in certain foods that perhaps weren’t the best choices.

With obesity costing the health service billions of pounds a year and with some reported figures showing that obesity affects a quarter of adults, it is a serious issue for many people.  If you do have health concerns about your weight you should talk to your doctor.

Where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help is in guiding you towards achieving a set of goals that, in turn, build up over a period of time to help you take control over eating habits. It is a support in helping to get a client into the correct mindset and engage with their subconscious so that they can break the habit of poor eating.

During an Initial Consultation it is explained how the brain works and also the different natural occurrences and reactions that happen in our body when we ingest food.

Using a Solution Focused approach allows the client to work with the practitioner in a way that is entirely forward focused, so you don’t have to delve into past issues. It is based on positivity and the building of a strong foundation for a brighter future.

This therapy can help not only with weight issues but also with stopping smoking, reducing stress, anxiety, anger levels, and OCD, together with dealing with phobias (such as a fear of flying). It can also help to ease chronic and persistent pain.


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