Are you struggling with your weight? Do you ‘stress’ or ‘comfort’ eat?

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Part of the problem is that the stress we build up in our daily lives, increasing cortisol and adrenaline, (our primitive fight/flight/freeze stress response), can create a tendency to reach for the fat/sugary foods we really don’t need.

Quick sugar-releasing foods provide a quick fix when our stress hormones have increased to a high level and may stay in that ‘alert’ position even when the stress episode has passed. When this happens we can become less able to tell when we are hungry or full and we can find ourselves doing exactly the opposite of what we really want for ourselves.

This extra food intake and over-eating creates even more stress as the calories add up and over time leads to many becoming unhappy with their weight gain as it begins to affect them in many areas of their life.

Of course it is not only what we eat that adds to our storage of excess fat, as other stress-related actions/behaviours can also be the cause. For instance if you are stressed it could affect your sleep patterns, contribute to a lack of motivation to exercise and also be a factor in an increase in alcohol consumption.

Clinical Hypnotherapy provides a solution-focused approach to help stop such self-defeating patterns of behaviour that can have us using food as a panacea when we are presented with what we consider a challenge or conflict, whether in work, socially or within relationships.

Clinical Hypnotherapy encourages positive thinking, helping to realign focus and move us away from emotional reactions and ‘emotional eating’ patterns that have become our default reactions. It is about establishing a change in the way we think about food and the choices we make. It is a lifestyle change, it is not a short-term diet.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist my aim is to help change negative thinking and behaviour patterns and offer support for mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

We have now included the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System(R) as one of the therapies we can offer for weight management.


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